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Let us help you keep an open mind to develop treatment options for your patient.

Integro Clinic is a collaboration between clinicians, doctors, pharmacists and patients.

Like all medical professionals, every individual in our team has seen their fair share of successes and disappointments. We understand the pressure and the frustration you feel when the treatments pursued to help a patient do not deliver the benefits you’d like them to.

A determination to make it possible for patients to benefit from innovative treatments for their conditions led us to create the Integro Clinic. We are here to help with those patient challenges that can’t be solved by standard approaches. When conventional therapy reaches its limits, we can help you find another way forward.

Latest news

Integro Medical Clinics present the first in their new ‘Medical Case Book’ series
Living with and managing fibromyalgia. Fibromyalgia is a long-term condition that causes pain all over the body. Anyone can develop the condition, although it affects around 7 times as many women as men. It typically develops between the ages of 20 and 50 but can actually occur at any point in your life and can also affect children. Published Cannabis Health on 27th November 2020 By Andrew Merni It is
Integro Clinics opens their First London Medical Clinic.
Integro Medical Clinics Ltd Announce the Opening of their First London Clinic Specialising in Treating Long-Term Pain Conditions through Cannabis-Based Medicines

Living with and Managing Chronic Back and Neck Pain using Cannabis Medicines
Back and neck pain are extremely common complaints of the spine and can affect both men and women at any age. Thankfully most back pain is not caused by anything serious and will usually get better over time. However, sometimes the pain can become long-term or severe, and interfere with every-day activities and sleep, and effect your mood, making you feel low or anxious.

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Your patient is in safe hands

When you refer a patient to the Integro Clinic, you are trusting their welfare to a team of medical professionals with impeccable credentials. Most of our clinicians have senior NHS experience and are leading experts in their respective fields, recognised both in the UK and abroad.

For a full guide to the Integro team, click here.

Unlicensed nature of medical cannabinoids

As you may know, cannabinoids medications are relative newcomers to medical prescribing and have not yet undergone the exacting Licensing process that conventional pharmaceutical products have been through. Nevertheless, any cannabinoid product we recommend will be pharmacy grade. We will offer our patients access to IPS pharma to source their medicine. We have sound reason to believe that anything we prescribe will be as safe and pure as conventional, licensed medications. There is also a considerable body of experience to suggest that correctly used cannabinoids are safer and less likely to cause dependency than conventional medicines such as gabapentin or morphine.

Compliance and safety

Working with our partner organisations, we ensure that our standards comply with national, Government, and healthcare guidelines to maintain good clinical practice and your safety. We follow the regulations and guidelines of organisations like the Department of Health and Social Care, MHRA and the Home Office to ensure full legal and medical compliance.

This includes multidisciplinary decision-making when commencing cannabinoid therapy.

Research and clinical trial data

As well as helping medical professionals access alternative solutions for patient care, it is the mission of Integro and our partners to educate UK medical professionals about the growing body of data and information surrounding the treatments and medicines we prescribe. Given some confusing publicity in the UK relating to cannabinoids as a medical treatment, the precise feedback and information we can gather from our clinical experience will be put to good use. Whilst no clinical trials of c have yet been completed in the U.K., we are able to access a wealth of data from countries like Canada and Israel where the use of cannabinoids in treatment is established and respected. When you work with Integro we can make all that data available to you, including detailed information about the balances and dosages needed to treat specific conditions.

If you would like to talk to us about referring a patient, or to learn more about the clinic, don’t hesitate to get in touch. You can also visit our news and support page to keep updated about the latest trial data for cannabis based medicines and other innovative medicines.

If you are a healthcare professional interested in joining Integro, please contact us.

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