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Clinical Governance

Integro aims to provide patient centric high quality medical care that is effective, appropriate, timely and within a safe environment.

Additionally, we aim to continually improve the level of care and service that we provide to our patients. At the heart of delivering on this objective is to create a strong governance framework that ensures not only the clinic is properly managed and controlled but provides the oversight required to continually improve.

There are 4 Governance committees

These 4 Boards/Committees each review a different element of the clinic and its operation but work together towards the central goal of continually improving the performance and delivery of service.

The Management Board

The Management Board (the Board) is the most senior of all the Governance bodies. It is responsible for setting the overall strategy, approving the annual budget covering finances and staffing, setting operational performance targets and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and then reviewing on a monthly basis the performance against those metrics. In addition, it is the Board’s responsibility to report to the relevant regulator any issues that require to be reported.

The Clinical Governance Board

The Clinical Governance Board is the oversight body responsible for ensuring that Integro complies with all the relevant medical rules and guidelines in the performance of its operations. It will review the complaints register, risk register and reported incidents at each meeting. The incidents will include any safeguarding concerns and referrals. The Clinical Governance Board will ensure that the appropriate remediations have been identified and implemented. It will respond to any clinical issues raised by the clinical staff and or patients and will act as a decision maker for all clinical matters.

The Operations Committee

The Operations Committee is responsible for the day-to-day operation of Integro. It covers all aspects of the daily operation in fulfilment of the strategy set out by the Board.

The Multi-Disciplinary Team Committee

The first prescription of Cannabis based medicine, and prescriptions for patients where there is a complex decision to be taken and the clinician wishes to benefit from the guidance of colleagues, will take place in the Multi-Disciplinary Team Committee.

The MDTC meets weekly (or more frequently when required) and is formed of the Senior Clinical Adviser and Hon. Medical Director, the prescribing clinician, the Registered Manager, the Specialist Clinic Nurse and where appropriate other specialists (including the patient’s own GP or Healthcare Specialist). Where the Senior Clinical Adviser and Hon. Medical Director is also the prescribing clinician, at least one additional Integro Prescribing Doctor will attend that MDTC meeting. This review and conclusion will be made before the prescription is passed to the patient or pharmacy.

When conventional treatments reach their limit, our work begins.

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