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Eurox Pharma is leading the development of medicinal cannabis in Europe through its commitment to innovation and medical research. We take great pride in our premium products, produced according to the highest German and EU pharmaceutical quality and safety standards, and backed by cutting-edge research. By controlling the entire supply chain, from cultivation, production in a state-of-the-art facility in Germany, to distribution, Eurox is able to ensure highest quality and safety standards as well as operational excellence. Together with our partners we have a global distribution network.

At Eurox Pharma, research and pioneering scientific and medical developments are at the heart of all our core activities. Eurox Pharma is working intensively, together with scientific experts, to advance the efficacy and development of cannabis-based medicine. In partnership with J.W. Goethe University in Frankfurt – one of the leading universities in the field pharmaceutical biology, Eurox Pharma is at the forefront of research in cannabis-based medicine, working on further developing the targeted use of cannabis-based medicines for the benefit of patients with various health conditions and symptoms.

Established in 2001, IPS is a leading manufacturer, Importer & Supplier of Medicines in the UK, supplying private and NHS pharmacies & hospitals.

IPS operates from its state of the art pharmaceutical facility in Surrey. The site, which is fully audited & licensed by the MHRA, also holds all relevant Home Office licenses to possess, supply & produce Controlled Drugs including Cannabis Based Products for Medicinal use (CBPM) to patients in the UK.

Through its extensive network, IPS is able to offer the broadest choice of CBPM’s to patients. All stocked lines are delivered within 24 hours of receipt of the prescription to the patient’s home address.

Underpinned by a robust Quality Management System, IPS is able to ensure the highest standard of compliance and adherence to all relevant regulatory guidelines, giving the quality assurance patients expect from a CBPM supplier.

Grow Pharma  is part of the Grow Group. Grow Group PLC exists to unlock the medical potential of cannabis for those who need it though three business units: Grow Pharma, Grow Trading and Grow Biotech.

Grow Pharma works with the producers of the best cannabis-based medicines and helps them introduce their products in new markets like the U.K. and Ireland, creating long-term value for them and offering solutions for patients. The Grow Pharma team also focusses on supporting clinics and individual healthcare professionals and through our partnership with IPS Specials Pharma we work with the best importer, distributor and pharmacy in the country to deliver the medication to patients. Ultimately, all Grow Group activities are aimed at improving patient access to these medicines.

When conventional treatments reach their limit, our work begins.

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