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Integro Medical Cannabis Clinics, in collaboration with Grow Pharma are offering the first 500 patients to receive initial consultation free of charge, subject to eligibility.

Eligibility criteria

The Grow Access Project aims to reduce the barrier to entry for prescribed cannabis medicines for patients on low-income or disability benefits as well as veterans of UK armed forces. Patients will need to complete the online registration questionnaires and will be required to prove receipt of income or disability related benefits or status as a veteran of the UK armed forces, at the point of registration.

How To Get A Prescription For Medical Cannabis In The UK

Patients won’t have to provide any data, other than proof of their eligibility, to access the reduced prices. The same price reductions are available to all patients using Integro Medical Clinics, irrespective of whether they are new to cannabis medicines, moving over from another clinic or already with Integro (although the latter group won’t be able to make use of the low-cost initial consultation).

Patients must have a diagnosed pain or psychiatric condition and should have tried at least two licensed prescribed medications to manage their symptoms of their condition prior to registering. Patients must obtain their own medical and prescribing summary from their GP and have the documents available to attach onto an email. See the list of treatable conditions

The Grow Access Project is available to patients-based UK mainland only.

medicinal canabis for back pain

Reduced medication costs

Patients eligible for the the project will be able to access the GROW range of cannabis flowers at £1 per gram less than the standard price across the range, as well as a reduced price on the Grow Pharma oils.

Other brands of cannabis medications can be prescribed through the Project but will be subject to the standard RRP to patients. All GAP patients will benefit from reduced follow up and repeat prescription fee’s at Integro.

Integro Medical Clinics consultation fee structure

Month 1
Month 2Month 3Month 4Month 5Month 6
Mandatory follow-up consultation with doctor or nurse
£10 – repeat prescription fee£10 – repeat prescription fee£10 – repeat prescription fee£49
Mandatory follow-up consultation with doctor or nurse

Please note, patients are moved on to nurse reviews or repeat prescriptions at the Doctors discretion. The free initial consultations include the first prescription being issued. This does not include the cost of the medication, this will be charge separately through the dispensary.

Free initial consultation

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Have you got an existing condition that has been pre diagnosed by a medical professional?(Required)
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