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Integro Clinics opens their First London Medical Clinic.

Press Release

Integro Medical Clinics Ltd Announce the Opening of their First London Clinic Specialising in Treating Long-Term Pain Conditions through Cannabis-Based Medicines

Having received full approval and authorisation from the Care Quality Commission (CQC), the Integro Clinic will provide a unique and specialist resource for patients seeking pain relief from long term conditions. The Lead Clinician is one of the UK’s most respected pain specialists, Dr Anthony Ordman, who will oversee all treatment plans. He joins Integro from a long and influential  career in pain medicine,  which has included founding and developing the Royal Free Hospital’s highly regarded Pain Management Clinic.

Integro is a ground-breaking private clinic whose purpose is to help improve the quality of life for people with long‐term pain conditions, which have failed to be adequately treated by conventional pharmaceutical medical approaches. Integro will work collaboratively with our patients and their existing specialists and carers to provide a gold standard of care in this new field of medicine. Integro will draw on the expertise of clinical specialists, nurses and, where appropriate, guidance from other medical professionals such as clinical psychologists, to ensure a tailored and effective care plan is in place for every patient.

From their Harley Street clinic, Integro’s doctors will help patients access innovative therapies, based on cannabis medicines, to help with pain across a broad range of conditions. They will also offer video consultations for those who may find travelling difficult or prefer to remain socially distanced. Cannabis Based Medicines have been shown to benefit patients suffering pain from conditions such as Crohn’s disease, fibromyalgia, rheumatoid arthritis, cancer, multiple sclerosis and nerve pain. Integro will offer treatment for the pain related to these and other conditions.

In addition, Integro has a full-time specialist nurse on site who will liaise closely with patients and doctors throughout the entire treatment journey. Integro believe strongly that all patients should be provided with personal support and a designated specialist nurse to deal with all queries and to monitor treatment outcomes. Our registered nurse, who previously specialised in emergency and acute medicine, supported her partner who used cannabis to manage Crohn’s disease symptoms, now specialises in cannabis based medicine patient advocacy and education. She launched the nurses organisation, CPASS Nurses Arm, in 2019 to support and educate nurses in the field of medical cannabis in the UK.

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