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How to become a patient

Becoming a Patient at Integro

Integro aims to provide high quality, responsive medical care which is effective, appropriate, timely and within a safe environment.

A core element of achieving this is how our patients engage with Integro. We encourage patients to contact us directly through using the contact details on this website. At this stage in the process no referral is required.

When we receive an enquiry direct from a patient, we will ask the patient to complete a short medical questionnaire which allows our clinicians to begin to understand your medical condition. The patient will also be sent an online consent form to sign and return to the clinic. This will allow our clinical team to develop a greater understanding of your medical history and tailor the consultation and treatment to your specific requirements.

When the completed questionnaire is returned to us our clinicians will determine your eligibility for treatment. We will then get in touch with your GP and/or Healthcare Specialist This will allow our clinical team to develop a greater understanding of your medical history and tailor the consultation and treatment to your specific requirements.

The whole process is designed to be interactive, where we ensure there is clear communication between the Patient, our Clinical Team and the relevant Healthcare Professionals that have supported you to-date.

This team approach will ensure that our patients will always receive the most appropriate treatment.

GPs and Healthcare Specialists can also refer patients directly to Integro using the contact details on this Website.

The stress-free route to obtaining a prescription.

It is now well documented that the symptoms of many common conditions such as arthritis, back pain, fibromyalgia, migraine, depression and PTSD, as well as well as some rarer conditions such as Elhers-Danlos Syndrome can be successfully helped using cannabis medicines.

Integro Medical Clinics are a patient-centred medical cannabis clinic with expert doctors who are experienced consultants in disciplines relating to your condition, including Pain Medicine and Psychiatry.

If you would like to be assessed for cannabis medicines, please follow these simple steps, or watch the film above.

Step 1

Call Integro Medical Clinics on T: (0)203 951 8244 or complete the online contact form Click here

Step 2

An Integro Clinic manager will speak with you, answering all your questions, and will ask for further details. They will send you links via email to fill in registration forms online.

Step 3

Once these have been completed and returned to Integro Medical Clinics an administrator will book you in for an appointment with one of our doctors (who will be your consultant.). Most of our consultations are by video link at present.

Step 4

Our specialist nurse will contact your GP surgery to request a copy of your medical records.

Step 5

Your consultant will present your case to our weekly team meeting of doctors, nurses and pharmacy specialist, where the decision will be made about going ahead with your prescription of cannabis medicines. Sometimes, the team of experts will offer you other medical advice as well. Please note prescribing decisions are only finalised upon receipt of medical records.

Step 6

Our specialist nurse will notify you of the prescribing decision, and providing you have been prescribed a cannabis medicine, will discuss any questions you may have about your new prescription.

Step 7

Our Pharmacy will dispense your medication and deliver it to your home address.

Please note

Our specialist nurse support phone line is open Monday-Friday 9am-5pm for patients to contact should they have any queries or concerns. Our nurse is always happy to help.

To begin with, you will then have a regular check-ups every month with your specialist doctor to ensure that together we find the right medication for your symptoms.

Integro Medical Clinics always recommend remaining under the care and treatment of your GP and specialist for your condition, while using cannabis medicines, and the Integro clinical team would always prefer to work in collaboration with them.

Cannabis medicines prescriptions are fully legal, and compliant with UK regulations. Cannabis medicines are for controlled medicines, and so monthly prescriptions are needed. They are unlicensed by the MHRA, but have a good safety record, and there is good evidence to support their safe use (Senior Medical Consultant and Lead Clinician)

When conventional treatments reach their limit, our work begins.

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