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Living with and Managing Chronic Back and Neck Pain using Cannabis Medicines.

Back and neck pain are extremely common complaints of the spine and can affect both men and women at any age. Thankfully most back pain is not caused by anything serious and will usually get better over time. However, sometimes the pain can become long-term or severe, and interfere with every-day activities and sleep, and effect your mood, making you feel low or anxious.

Lower backpain or lumbosacral spine pain can be broadly divided into two categories – mechanical pain and nerve compressive pain. Mechanical backpain can be caused by an acute strain of the spine’s mechanics, in other words the spines muscle discs, facet joints and ligaments, leading to inflammation and painful muscle spasm. It is called mechanical because it refers to the mechanics of the spine and often occurs after unusual exertion, especially when the back has not been kept fully fit by regular movement or exercise. Nerve compression pain results from pressure or irritation on the spinal nerve roots that leave the spine. This causes nerve pain often down the leg, ’sciatica,’ and numbness and even muscle weakness in the leg or foot. Sometimes, it can be difficult to identify what exactly is causing back-pain and this is called non-specific back pain.

Very rarely , if your leg becomes very weak or your foot becomes floppy, ‘foot drop’ or your bladder or bowel and surrounding areas become numb, then urgent medical attention is needed.

In many ways, the causes of neck pain can, surprisingly,  result from similar causes to lower back pain. These can also include ageing in the cervical spine and receiving repeated injuries, that may not have actually caused pain at the time of impact. ‘Wear and tear’ over time can weaken the connective tissue that makes up the disc and once the connective tissue is weak sudden stress or whiplash may injure the disc more easily.  Neck pain can result from many causes including; bones spurs, herniated disc, muscle strain, stenosis, myelopathy and arthritis.

“A doctor or physiotherapist can generally listen to your symptoms and examine you, to help you decide what sort of back pain you have and advise you accordingly.

You can be assured that all of the pain specialists at Integro Clinics Ltd are highly experienced consultants in pain medicine. In their training, these clinicians will have learned all about the many medical conditions that can lead to back pain; a slipped or prolapsed disc causing back pain and sciatica, arthritis and facet joint syndrome, pinched nerves, spinal stenosis , degenerative disc disease and bulging or herniated discs and segmental instability. All of these conditions can lead to the debilitating symptoms mentioned above, muscle spasms and cramping, stiffness, leg pain, numbness and weakness. These can all be painful and debilitation conditions to live with and can have a significant impact on a person’s quality of life. 

Our pain specialists will always consider with you if they feel that any conventional  investigations or treatments might be advisable, before going on to discuss cannabis medicines with you.

Conventional treatment for back and neck pain ranges from pain medication, anti-inflammatories, physical therapy and manipulation, cognitive behavioural therapy to surgery in the most extreme cases. 

Cannabis medicines can help manage the mechanical and nerve pain associated with back and neck pain by rebalancing the body’s natural endo-cannabinoid pain-processing system and having an anti-inflammatory effect on inflamed body tissues. Used carefully , cannabis medicines can also help improve your sleep to allow better healing and also lift your mood and treat anxiety. In many cases, cannabis medicines can do this more gently than conventional medicines and sometimes with less risk of dependency.

“Back and neck pain are really common symptoms amongst our patients. Cannabis medicines can be a very effective pain management tool in these cases. However, the clinical team at Integro always advise and support our patients to continue to explore the underlying injury or cause of the chronic pain alongside their cannabis medicine prescriptions.”- Sophie Hayes Former Specialist Cannabis Nurse at Integro Medical  Clinics Limited.

When conventional treatments reach their limit, our work begins.

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