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Appointments and Prescriptions

Are my consultations covered by my medical insurance?

We recommend that you get in touch with your provider for further information as to whether they will cover the consultation.

Are there any side effects with taking cannabis medicines?

Some patients who are new to cannabis medicines do feel some side effects with this medicine. Most report that these effects are short lived. We aim to help conditions whilst reducing the likelihood of side effects.

Whilst we cannot guarantee no side effects, we have a specialist nurse on hand to support our patients. Our nurse is able to contact the prescribing clinician if the issues persist and the clinical team will make any changes to the treatment that may be required.

How long will it take to get my prescription/medicine?

If your Integro Doctor is considering a Cannabis Medicine for you for the first time, there is a significant change to your Cannabis Medicine prescription, or the Doctor considers it clinically necessary, your prescription will not be issued until the Integro Multi-Disciplinary Team Committee has discussed and approved it.

The team meets weekly to discuss each cases. Once the prescription is approved and issued your Integro Doctor will ask you if you would like your prescription to be sent to our partner pharmacy IPS Pharma.

They are a highly experienced pharmacy with many years of experience dispensing licensed and unlicensed medicines. If that is your choice, IPS Pharma will then dispense your medicine, delivering it to your home by secure courier, usually within 24-48 hours.

What cannabis medicines can you prescribe?

Our Doctors can prescribe a whole spectrum of cannabis medicines. These include forms such as oils, dry plant (flower) and capsule. Which medicine you will be prescribed depends on variables including your medical history, your past experience with conventional and cannabis medicines and the specifics of your condition.

Our specialist team will work with you to establish the indication that will work best for you. Your Integro Clinician will be happy to discuss continuing with your existing prescription medicine if that is your preference and it is clinically appropriate.

If you choose to have your prescription fulfilled by our partner pharmacy, IPS Pharma, you will have access to cannabis medicines from a wide range of suppliers, ensuring that you will have choices to discuss with your Integro Clinician and increasing the likelihood that the preferred product can be sourced quickly.

You can benefit from the stock of products held and the extensive dispensing experience at IPS Pharma.

What can we prescribe?

Our Doctors at Integro Medical Clinics are all highly experienced medical professionals. They can prescribe any course of treatment that they determine is the most relevant to your condition.

They are also on the regulator’s specialist register which means that they can also prescribe Cannabis Based Medicines where this is appropriate. The Multi-Disciplinary Team Committee at Integro may be asked to support the Doctor treating you in determining the appropriate treatment plan for you.

This may result in prescribing further conventional medications and treatments, or other treatments including the use of Cannabis Medicines.

How do I take my prescription?

The Doctor will send you a letter explaining what tailored treatment has been recommended for you and giving guidance on how to take your medicine.

We also have a specialist nurse who is available to answer any questions on how to take the medication and resolve any issues post dispensing. You can get in contact with us using the options available on this website. We will arrange for nurse to help you.

Do you have a chaperone service?

Integro Medical Clinics are committed to giving our patients the highest quality of care possible. A chaperone is available on request to accompany you into your appointment.

If you require a chaperone, please let us know when you book the appointment and leave the rest to us. This service will be offered at an additional cost.


How do I know if I am eligible for treatment?

After you complete the medical questionnaire our specialist team will review your responses. In addition, with your approval, we will review your medical history with the help of your GP or Other Specialist. Our clinical team is then able to establish if you have a condition that we are able to help you with.

If our specialists believe they can offer you help our team will contact you to arrange for you to have a consultation. If they believe that Integro Medical Clinics are unable to help the team will do what they can to offer you guidance and support in finding other options.

What conditions are patients seen for at Integro Medical Clinics?

Integro Medical Clinic’s doctors are all conventional medical specialists who also embrace what medicinal cannabinoid prescribing can offer when conventional medicine can’t help.

Our clinicians are backed by a management team with years of experience. Integro Medical Clinics can prescribe medicines to treat long term conditions associated with chronic and long term pain, Complex Regional Pain Syndrome, Arthritis Pain, Crohn’s Disease or Colitis Pain, Back and Neck Pain, Cancer Pain and Nausea, bladder pain, Ehlers-Danios Syndromes, Fibromyalgia, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), Multiple Sclerosis Pain and Muscle Spasm, anxiety, Depression, Insomnia and other symptoms associated with Mental Health.

Appointments and Prescriptions

How do I make a complaint?

At Integro Medical Clinics we pride ourselves on the quality of service. We will address any complaints fully, in accordance with our complaints policy which you can find here.

You can call us on +44 (0)203 440 5146 or email us with the details of your complaint to

Will I have constant access to my medicines?

The close working relationships we have with partner organisations are a key feature of the Integro patient experience. Thanks to the support of IPS Pharma and Grow Biotech, among others, Integro patients can access a full range of licenced and un-licenced medicines, including a reliable steady supply of high-quality cannabis medicine.

Learn more about the partners that make our work possible here.

I can buy CBD on the high street; how does that differ from the cannabis medicines that you have the ability to prescribe?

The two most commonly discussed therapeutic compounds within cannabis are CBD (Cannabidiol) and THC (tetrahydrocannabinol). For more information and detail on these compounds please click here.

CBD is currently available to buy from health food and vape shops, but the concentrations that are available are very low, often not enough to help with medical problems. This may have caused the public to lose faith in CBD. Modern biomedical science is beginning to provide a much more helpful understanding of the use of CBD and THC for treating medical problems. We now understand that for the most effective results, precise doses of THC and CBD, often carefully combined, should be used to deliver maximum benefit whilst minimising unwanted effects.

Are Cannabis Medicines legal?

Yes. Following the declassification of cannabis medicines from a schedule one drug on the 1st November 2018, it is legal to prescribe as a controlled drug.

This prescription can only occur if adhering to the governments ‘best practice’ guides. At Integro we ensure all criteria set out by the government, NHS England and the General Medical Council are met.

All of our doctors are on the GMC special register and will prescribe within the remit of their expertise only following approval from a Multi-Disciplinary Team Committee who will ensure that all relevant protocols and legislation are followed.

When conventional treatments reach their limit, our work begins.

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