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Integro Clinics testimonials

I have had really negative experiences with the medical system and medical staff [elsewhere] in the past and had given up on them. But not only have the nurse and doctor at Integro made the experience bearable, they have made it enjoyable!

Male, 38, Fibromyalgia Patient

The nurse is so lovely, communication has been amazing.

Female 36, bladder Pain Patient

The nurse has been fantastic in advising me and keeping me informed. I am extremely happy.

Male 33, Hand Injury

Integro Clinics testimonials

– Female 51, Chronic Neck & Back Pain

“I’ve suffered chronic neck and back pain for two years as a result of cervical disk damage in a skiing accident. From the moment I approached Integro the level of care and attention I received was absolutely excellent.
A Nurse, is always available to answer questions and was a mine of information about cannabis medicines and carefully tracked and listened to my progress. I saw a Doctor, who was the most empathetic and knowledgeable Dr I have ever encountered. He listened very carefully to the patient and tailors a treatment programme specifically to you, which can be altered and tweaked in response to your symptoms.
I began taking just an oil and then added flower, which I vaped. Within a few weeks the change in how I felt was remarkable. There was a massive reduction in pain and increased mobility. I found myself able to engage in running, yoga and all the physical activities that I missed so much.
Trying cannabis medicines can seem quite alien and daunting at first but the level of professionalism and obvious medical expertise and knowledge of the team at Integro totally reassured me.
For anyone who is living in pain and is fed with the side effects of traditional pain medicines or they simply have ceased to work as in my case, taking this route can transform your life. I cannot thank or recommend Integro highly enough. The fact I am now living virtually pain free is amazing.”

When conventional treatments reach their limit, our work begins.

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