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How do we support Healthcare professionals

Integro’s stated objective is to offer high quality patient-centred services.

Our Patients’ GPs, Healthcare Specialists, and other medical professionals remain a key part of the overall care plan. Supporting that wider team is important to Integro.

This support will come in a number of forms.

We will keep the Patient’s Healthcare Team updated on what treatments we are considering and/or have prescribed.

Integro’s team will be available to discuss with the Patient’s Healthcare team, both patient specific questions (with the permission of our patient) and broader questions with regard to Cannabis Based Medicine.

Integro’s website contains reference material on Cannabis based medicine that is bespoke to the clinic or third-party publications. We aim to provide a central reference point where Patients and Healthcare professionals can find the latest information on the use of Cannabis Based Medicine and can use it for educational purposes too.

Integro has a full-time specialist nurse who will be available to answer any questions on Cannabis Based Medicine for patients and healthcare professionals. She has significant expertise on how it is prescribed and administered. She will be available to answer any questions or issues that arise when a patient begins to use their prescribed medicine.

If you are a healthcare professional interested in joining Integro, please contact us.

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