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CQC Registered

CQC Registered Medical Cannabis Clinic

The Integro Clinics exist to deliver fresh hope when the alternatives have run dry

The Integro Clinics exist to deliver fresh hope when the alternatives have run dry. When orthodox responses have been exhausted and suffering patients are still in need of answers, our expertise in innovative treatments and medicines can shine a light on options not previously considered. From our Harley Street clinic, and using video-conferencing, our doctors and patients can access a range of therapies, including cannabis medicine, to help multiple conditions.

If you’re a patient whose condition has been unresolved by exploring standard prescribed treatments, or a medical professional with a patient you think we could help, the Integro team would like to hear from you. Get in touch to tell us your story or explore our website to learn more.

Our Ethos

Our approach is simple. We have a single point of focus. The patient.

Every decision we make is dictated entirely by the needs of the specific individual.

We have no vested interest in recommending preferred treatments. When making an assessment, we explore all suitable options and examine each case with the complete Integro team before recommending a solution.

Our Clinicians

Integro’s doctors are all conventional medical specialists who also embrace what cannabis medicine prescribing can offer when conventional medicine can’t help. Our clinicians are backed by a management team with years of experience.

We also have close working relationships with a specialist pharmacy and other partner organisations, allowing us to deliver a positive patient experience from the initial contact right through to prescription and the delivery of required medicines to the patient’s door. We also offer a follow up service once you have started taking your medicines to ensure you have all the information and support you need.

Cannabis Based Medicine Expertise

Cannabis based medicine prescribing is very new to the UK. With cannabis medicine, in common with conventional medicines, different people respond differently to each medication. Once we get to know you and your medical condition, and if we think Cannabis based medicines can help you, we will recommend the best products for you, provide you with a prescription and, if you wish, arrange for our partner pharmacy to supply them to you.

In some cases our doctors may recommend more conventional treatments before prescribing a cannabis medicine.

Our Partners
UK’s First

In February 2019, Grow Pharma completed the first bulk import of cannabis into the UK and supplied one of the very first prescriptions for cannabis medicine in the UK.

80% Dispensed

November 2019, less than one year later, Grow Pharma was responsible for approximately 80% of the cannabis medicine prescriptions dispensed across the entire country.

Patient Benefits

With this partnership, Integro are able to offer every patient issued with a cannabis medicine prescription delivery of their medicines to anywhere in the UK.

Leading Voice

Grow Pharma is also a leading voice in the education of the UK medical profession about the benefits of cannabis medicine. Thanks to the information made available to us through this partnership, Integro Clinics are up to date about the latest medical findings and offer clear direction and treatment guidance related to cannabis.

Grow Pharma is a joint venture between Grow Group and IPS Pharma.

Safety and compliance

Working with our partner organisations, we ensure that our standards comply with Government and healthcare guidelines to maintain your safety and good clinical practice. We follow the regulations and guidelines of organisations like the Department of Health and Social Care, MHRA and the Home Office to ensure legal and medical compliance. We are registered with the Care Quality Commission (CQC).

Side effects reporting

Adverse effects of medication prescribed through Integro should be reported immediately to the Integro Nurse on 07565 255201, on the clinic number 0203 951 8244 or emailed to

Adverse events should also be reported to the MHRA via the process as outlined on the following link.

Patients should also contact the dispensing pharmacy from which the prescription medication was obtained.

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