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Treatment costs

Integro Medical Cannabis Clinics, in collaboration with Grow Pharma are offering the first 500 patients to receive initial consultation free of charge, subject to eligibility

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Integro’s New Price List

Consultation costs vary according to the type of consultation and the condition being treated. For example, initial consultations are usually longer and more expensive than follow-up consultations. Video consultations are cheaper than Harley Street consultations.

We offer a free Pre-consultation assessment to determine whether our clinicians are confident that we can provide a treatment plan that will help you.

If your condition is particularly complex and requires an additional specialist, the consultation costs may vary.

New Treatment Costs for Integro Patients.

Our patients are at the centre of what we do and so it is vital that not only are we regularly listening to their feedback, but also looking at ways to implement and make real change. Based on what our patients have told us, we have now decided to make alterations to our pricing structure which will make it even easier for both our existing and new patients to access the treatments they need for their conditions.

Clinic Prices Remote

Video Initial Consultation Fee£95.00
Video Follow-Up Mandatory (Doctor/nurse or pharmacist) consultation Fee£49.00
Optional Nurse / Pharmacist consultation£40.00
Repeat prescription admin fee£30.00
Clinic Prices in personCost
Harley St follow-up Consultation Fee£195.00
Harley St Initial Consultation Fee£195.00

The cost of Cannabis medicines will vary depending on what is prescribed for the individual and start at £150 for a month’s supply of medicine.

When conventional treatments reach their limit, our work begins.

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