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Medical Cannabis

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Integro Clinics testimonials

I have had really negative experiences with the medical system and medical staff [elsewhere] in the past and had given up on them. But not only have the nurse and doctor at Integro made the experience bearable, they have made it enjoyable!

Male, 38, Fibroymalgia Patient

Sophie is so lovely, communication has been amazing.

Female 36, bladder Pain Patient

Sophie has been fantastic in advising me and keeping me informed. I am extremely happy.

Male 33, Hand Injury

Integro Clinics testimonials

Our Ethos

Integro Medical Clinics exist to deliver fresh hope when the alternatives have run dry. When orthodox responses have been exhausted and suffering patients are still in need, we can help. From our Harley Street clinic, our practitioners and patients can access a range of therapies – including cannabis medicine – to help multiple conditions.

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The science behind Medical Cannabis

How it works

THC and CBD are the two main active compounds in cannabis. Both have an effect on various types of pain and nociception (pain signalling) in patients.

In simplest terms; THC is the main analgesic compound. CBD has an indirect effect on pain via its anti-inflammatory and immune-regulatory functions and has shown some efficacy in nociception. CBD also has an effect on how THC and other cannabinoids work.

Most patients with severe pain will require THC-rich medicines, especially those who are tolerating powerful pain medications such as strong opiates.

THCs inebriating effects are thought to be much more tolerable than those from strong opiates and similar pain medicines. A small amount of CBD present also helps to mitigate the unwanted effects of THC. Commonly, a 20:1 ratio is used in these instances.

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When conventional treatments reach their limit, our work begins.

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