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Medical Cannabis Clinic Northern Ireland
Integro Medical Clinics

Conditions we treat

Medical cannabis to effectively treat chronic conditions

Integro Clinics, are the leading medical cannabis clinic serving patients in Northern Ireland and throughout the UK. Whether you’re in Belfast, Derry or Armagh our team of expert cannabis consultants and nurses offers personalised guidance through convenient video consultations.

Our team of leading consultants in pain medicine, psychiatry, oncology, women’s health, spinal pain, palliative medicine and other conditions that can be found using this link

The clinic offers a full time dedicated cannabis practice nurse to liaise and support patients

Integro Medical Cannabis Clinics, in collaboration with Grow Pharma are offering the first 500 patients to receive initial consultation free of charge, subject to eligibility

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Dr Sunny Nayee

Integro Clinical Lead and Pain Consultant
Dr. Nayee has a distinguished and prize winning career. He is on staff at the Charing Cross Hospital, and has trained at Cambridge University Medical School and has completed training rotations in some of the top teaching hospitals in the United Kingdom including the well-renowned Addenbrooke’s Hospital in Cambridge, the Royal Brompton Hospital in South Kensington and Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust in West London. Dr. Nayee was awarded the top prize from the Strategic Health Authority’s Dragon’s Den competition. He presented at the National Patient Safety Conference, carried out a poster presentation at Royal College of Anaesthetists (RCOA) Safe Anaesthesia Meeting and submitted publication in the RCOA Safe Anaesthesia Liason Group Update.

Dr Niraj Singh

Lead Psychiatric Consultant
I have extensive expereince in the areas of neurodevelopmental psychiatry, including helping people with ADHD, Autism, OCD, Tourette’s syndrome. In addition I see patients with PTSD, insomnia, depression, anxiety, mental illness associated with brain injury and dementia. I have a passion for ensuring my patients attain a better quality of life through holistic treatment focussing on lifestyle, diet, exercise, good sleep and meaningful activity. Medical cannabis can have significant positive improvement on overall mental and physical well being.

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Integro Clinics testimonials

I have had really negative experiences with the medical system and medical staff [elsewhere] in the past and had given up on them. But not only have the nurse and doctor at Integro made the experience bearable, they have made it enjoyable!

Male, 38, Fibroymalgia Patient

Deciding to get treatment with Integro for my chronic neck and spine pain was one the best decisions I’ve ever made. It has enabled me to live virtually pain free.

Female 52, Back Pain Patient

Integro Clinics testimonials

Our Ethos

Integro Medical Clinics exist to deliver fresh hope when the alternatives have run dry. When orthodox responses have been exhausted and suffering patients are still in need, we can help. From our Harley Street clinic, our practitioners and patients can access a range of therapies – including cannabis medicine – to help multiple conditions.

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The science behind Medical Cannabis

How it works

THC and CBD are the two main active compounds in cannabis. Both have an effect on various types of pain and nociception (pain signalling) in patients.

In simplest terms; THC is the main analgesic compound. CBD has an indirect effect on pain via its anti-inflammatory and immune-regulatory functions and has shown some efficacy in nociception. CBD also has an effect on how THC and other cannabinoids work.

Most patients with severe pain will require THC-rich medicines, especially those who are tolerating powerful pain medications such as strong opiates.

THCs inebriating effects are thought to be much more tolerable than those from strong opiates and similar pain medicines. A small amount of CBD present also helps to mitigate the unwanted effects of THC. Commonly, a 20:1 ratio is used in these instances.

You can learn more about the science behind Medical Cannabis by clicking the button below.

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CQC Registered Medical Cannabis Clinic
Inspected & rated – GOOD


Are medical cannabis consultations covered by my medical insurance?

We recommend that you get in touch with your provider for further information as to whether they will cover the consultation.

Are there any side effects with taking cannabis medicines?

Some patients who are new to cannabis medicines do feel some side effects with this medicine. Most report that these effects are short lived. We aim to help conditions whilst reducing the likelihood of side effects.

Whilst we cannot guarantee no side effects, we have a specialist nurse on hand to support our patients. Our nurse is able to contact the prescribing clinician if the issues persist and the clinical team will make any changes to the treatment that may be required.

How long will it take to get my prescription/medicine?

If your Integro Doctor is considering a Cannabis Medicine for you for the first time, there is a significant change to your Cannabis Medicine prescription, or the Doctor considers it clinically necessary, your prescription will not be issued until the Integro Multi-Disciplinary Team Committee has discussed and approved it.

The team meets weekly to discuss each cases. Once the prescription is approved and issued your Integro Doctor will ask you if you would like your prescription to be sent to our partner pharmacy IPS Pharma.

They are a highly experienced pharmacy with many years of experience dispensing licensed and unlicensed medicines. If that is your choice, IPS Pharma will then dispense your medicine, delivering it to your home by secure courier, usually within 24-48hours.

What medical cannabis can you prescribe?

Our Doctors can prescribe a whole spectrum of cannabis medicines. These include forms such as oils, dry plant (flower) and capsule. Which medicine you will be prescribed depends on variables including your medical history, your past experience with conventional and cannabis medicines and the specifics of your condition.

Our specialist team will work with you to establish the indication that will work best for you. Your Integro Clinician will be happy to discuss continuing with your existing prescription medicine if that is your preference and it is clinically appropriate.

If you choose to have your medical cannabis prescription fulfilled by our partner pharmacy, IPS Pharma, you will have access to cannabis medicines from a wide range of suppliers, ensuring that you will have choices to discuss with your Integro Clinician and increasing the likelihood that the preferred product can be sourced quickly.

You can benefit from the stock of products held and the extensive dispensing experience at IPS Pharma.

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