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Clinic directory – The Medical Cannabis Clinicians Society

Clinic directory - The Medical Cannabis Clinicians Society

The UK’s leading medical cannabis directory has just launched, providing patients with information about medicinal cannabis. With registered clinics across the UK, it provides patients with a one-stop shop for finding the best place to receive treatment.

Patients needing further advice or treatment should contact their specialist.

UK Medical Cannabis Clinic Directory

The government announced it will introduce allowing doctors to prescribe cannabis products for medicinal purposes.

This directory lists all registered medical marijuana clinics in the UK. Currently, there are registered medical cannabis.

Patients will find useful information about the clinic including location, opening times, telephone number, email contact and details of the doctor prescribing the medication.

Why The Medical Cannabis Clinics?

Medical cannabis clinics are popping up across the UK. They’re offering consultations or assessments before beginning treatment.

The Directory is designed to help patients locate medical cannabis clinics in the United Kingdom.

There are different ways to access medicinal cannabis. Some people prefer to self-refer. Others want to go through their doctor.

Medical Cannabis Clinic Directory

We provide a comprehensive list of medical cannabis clinics including location information, opening hours, phone numbers and email addresses.

A lot of the clinic’s listed offer consultations and advice, some even offer online appointments or referrals.

Many clinics offer a wide range of products including oils, tinctures, capsules and patches.

There is an increasing number of clinics opening up around the UK, many offering patients a safe environment where they can discuss their health concerns with qualified doctors.

We recommend viewing the clinic directory online on desktop computers, while mobile phone views are being optimised.

The directory lists the location of each clinic, opening hours and contact details. Patients can find out whether there is a local clinic near them and what services it offers.

Patients can self-refer to one of these clinics, providing enough information about their condition and previous treatment history.

Clinics will often accept referrals from GP’s or specialists. However, some require referral forms to be completed by a specialist.

A patient can choose to see a doctor, nurse or pharmacist at a clinic. Some clinics have separate appointments for doctors, nurses and pharmacists.

The Medical Cannabis Clinicians Society:

The Medical Cannabis Clinicians MCCS is a professional body representing doctors, nurses and allied health professionals working within the field of medical cannabis.

The MCCS provides information and guidance to healthcare professionals in relation to the use of medicinal cannabis products.

The MCCS aims to promote best practices in clinical care, research and education.

When conventional treatments reach their limit, our work begins.

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