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Can I get medical cannabis on the NHS?

Accessing medical cannabis medicine in the UK can be confusing; with multiple patients wondering “Can I get medical cannabis on the NHS?” In this blog, we’ll reply to the query and suggest how you can access a prescription, safely and secretly return to your door each month.

Accessing Medical Cannabis on the NHS

While medical cannabis has been legalized for therapeutic use in the UK, the key to medicine via the National Health Service (NHS) is limited. Nowadays, NHS prescriptions for medical cannabis are reserved for patients with specific needs who have not reacted to traditional treatments.

Is medical cannabis permitted?

Medical cannabis became legal in the UK on November 1, 2018. This observed a change in the law by the UK government, permitting professional doctors to define cannabis-based medicines surrounding THC.

Does the NHS deliver cannabinoid medicine?

While medical cannabis is permitted in the UK, it can be difficult to access, and considerable people wonder if they can get it via the NHS. The short response is yes, it is likely to access medical cannabis via the NHS.

However, according to data terminated by the NHS in January 2021, there existed only 18 drugs for unlicensed cannabis-based outcomes distributed in England between March and June 2020.

The basis for therapy via the NHS typically only occurs in extremely severe cases to support rare cases of epilepsy, nausea induced by chemotherapy or certain cases of force immobility associated with numerous scleroses. For those looking to explore medical cannabis, self-referring to a personal clinic is the most straightforward way to get a prescription.

How does a private medical cannabis hospital work?

To be suitable for medical cannabis, all patients ought to have tested two or more additional kinds of medicine, medicine or treatment as specified by a licensed specialist, a GP or a specialist physician for the state they are referring to the clinic. Patients also ought to have no previous record of schizophrenia or psychosis.

At Integro Clinic, we present the opportunity for patients to review their eligibility for complimentary via our online form available. If patients are eligible for therapy, they have the option to book an online initial consultation instantly with a specialist doctor or request a call back from our clinic team if they have any questions.

When conventional treatments reach their limit, our work begins.

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