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5 Important Vitamins For Cannabis Users

Here are five vitamins that are particularly good for cannabis users to support optimal health and improve the results of their medicine.

Antioxidants have the specificity to halt free radicals, thus making them harmless. Some antioxidants can only be seen in food, while others are more readily taken in the state of food accessories. The following are such examples:

Vitamin C, soluble in water, is to be released between morning and evening, or used in a slow-release form. Our body eliminates this vitamin very quickly. Most mammals can synthesise their vitamin C.

Vitamin E, a fat-soluble, builds synergy with vitamin C (they reclaim each other). A dosage of vitamin E – which unfortunately is not in the everyday diet – delivers good defense, so we should take accessories. The natural form is more efficient.

Antioxidants synergy than the synthetic ones, and contain the eight known types of tocopherols and tocotrienols (Gamma is the most effective way to protect against cancer). Recommended dosage = 200 to 400mg/day.

N-acetyl-cysteine (NAC), this sulfonic acid is a prototype of glutathione, one of the numerous potent antioxidants in the body. The slime that covers the respiratory system is particularly created up of this amino acid.

Carotenoids: this clan of fat-soluble antioxidants is very significant. Vitamin E only covers the upper-fat layer, while carotenoids cover all more subordinate layers.

Taking a multivitamin complex at each meal will also be very beneficial (vitamins B1 to B12, and D).

These multivitamin effects also include vitamins C, E and carotenoids, but their energy is generally inadequate to provide optimal protection against harm from smoke.

By diversifying your intake of antioxidants as much as feasible, you will help your body defend itself inherently from smoke-related injury. Ultimately, you should always think about drinking lots of water, because smoke greatly enhances the dehydration of partitions. Select water that is as rich as likely in Magnesium

At Integro Clinics, we prioritize your available fitness and well-being. Combining these important vitamins into your diet can assist you maximize the advantages of your cannabis medicine and support optimal health. For more personalized guidance and to know how to best integrate these vitamins into your routine, visit Integro Clinics. Our team of professionals is here to help you on your trip to better fitness and health.

When conventional treatments reach their limit, our work begins.

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