A core element of achieving this is how our patients engage with Integro.  We encourage patients to contact us directly through using the contact details on this website. At this stage in the process no referral is required.  

When we receive an enquiry direct from a patient, we will ask the patient to complete a short medical questionnaire which allows our clinicians to begin to understand your medical condition.

When the completed questionnaire is returned to us our clinicians will determine your eligibility for treatment. With your permission we will then get in touch with your GP and/or Healthcare Specialist.  This will allow our clinical team to develop a greater understanding of your medical history and tailor the consultation and treatment to your specific requirements.  

The whole process is designed to be interactive, where we ensure there is clear communication between the Patient, our Clinical Team and the relevant Healthcare Professionals that have supported you to-date. 

This team approach will ensure the our patients will always receive the most appropriate treatment.

GPs and Healthcare Specialists can also refer patients directly to Integro using the contact details on this Website.