We see every patient as a priority  

Innovative doesn’t mean casual. We may appreciate thinking that pushes the boundaries but that doesn’t mean we accept anything less than the highest professional standards when caring for our patients. From the moment you contact us, we’ll work hard to give you a helpful and supportive patient experience. That supportive care continues throughout your journey with us from consultation to treatment and post-treatment follow-up. We’re not aiming to deliver the best alternative experience for patients on Harley Street. We are aiming to deliver the best patient experience on Harley Street for both conventional and ground-breaking treatments, full stop. 

Starting your Integro

You can contact us at Integro using the contact details on this site. Alternatively, a healthcare professional, a GP or consultant can contact us on your behalf. Once referred your case will be assessed in detail by one of our clinic’s highly trained specialist doctors. In some complex cases, and in all cases where cannabis medicine is being considered as a potential treatment, your case will be discussed by our multi-disciplinary team. The outcome of the discussion may result in you being encouraged to continue an existing treatment, to try a different conventional medicine or we may recommend cannabis medicine. Whatever the prescription, if you choose our partner pharmacy IPS, they can deliver your medicines to your door.

Treatment Costs

Consultation costs vary according to the type of consultation and the condition being treated. For example, initial consultations are usually longer and more expensive than follow-up consultations. Video consultations are cheaper than Harley Street consultations. 

We offer a free Pre-consultation assessment to determine whether our clinicians are confident that we can provide a treatment plan that will help you.

If your condition is particularly complex and requires an additional specialist, the consultation costs may vary. 

The price of Initial consultations (not requiring additional specialist participation) by video is £195 or in person at Harley Street £250 per consultation. Follow-Up consultations are priced at £115 by video and £150 in Harley Street per consultation.

Once our clinician is satisfied that your medication is effective and you are settled on a particular prescription, follow-up consultations may move from monthly to less frequent intervals with a £40 admin fee per prescription.

Based on current pricing an average month’s cannabis medication costs around £350.

Although prices may fluctuate, the typical annual cost of cannabis medicine is around £4,400.

*prices correct at September 2020

If you have any questions about our fees, or any part of the patient experience, please get in touch with our team.