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Explore Medical Cannabis Prices in the UK

Explore Medical Cannabis Prices in the UK

In November 2018, medical cannabis was legalized in the United Kingdom, meaning cannabis can be prescribed if no other licensed medicine could help the patient. The prices of medical cannabis or over-the-counter CBD products can vary in the UK based on the locations. Several factors determine the prices of cannabis, especially medical cannabis. You have to pay based on the doses of the medical cannabis you use. If you are confused about how much it costs to buy medical cannabis, you can search online and find out the prices of medical cannabis in Australia.

  • The difference between medical cannabis and over the counter cannabis:

Though medical cannabis has been legalized in the UK, you must have a GMC-registered specialist doctor’s prescription to buy it. With a doctor’s prescription, you can buy THC-only or CBD-only products that include a range of cannabinoids.

On the other hand, OTC (Over-the-Counter) CBD products do not need any prescription. They can be bought in-store or online. THC and CBD are not subject to the rigorous testing protocols that the medicinal products maintain. So, it is always recommended to buy medical CBD products(Go through The Differences Between Medical Vs Recreational Cannabis for more information).

Technically, store-bought and medical CBD should be the same. The cannabinoid constituent has the same structure. However, in the over-the-counter CBD products, there are minimum therapeutic ingredients, and adulteration is very less compared to the standard of prescription-only CBD. Additionally, pharmaceutical-grade cannabis products are grown and manufactured to a set of clinically defined standards that assure their quality, consistency, and lack of contamination.

  • The Prices of Medical Cannabis

The factors that determine the prices of medical cannabis in the UK are

  • The manufacturer
  • The ratio of CVD and THC and
  • The type of the product depends on your health issues

While a smaller portion of CBD can solve your health issues, some physical issues might need a higher dose. Both medical and over-the-counter cannabis can be available at a similar price. However, due to higher THC content, OTC cannabis is more expensive than medical cannabis. For medical cannabis, the price might vary between £7.50 and £15 per 100mg. While some top-selling CBD manufacturers sell their products at a high price some effective products can be available online at a lower price.

The average cost of medical cannabis prescriptions in the UK sits at around £150-£250 per month for a THC and CBD-inclusive prescription. Different clinics charge different prices. An initial consultation costs between £70 and £200 and a follow-up consultation might cost from £65 to £150.

At Integro, the cost of cannabis medicines will vary depending on what is prescribed for the individual and start at £150 for a month’s supply of medicine. Integro also enables you to get video consultation services across the UK allowing you to see our doctors from the comfort of your own home. We offer our consultation services at the most competitive prices possible.

  • Video Initial Consultation Fee £95.00
  • Harley St Initial Consultation Fee £195.00
  • Video Follow-Up consultation Fee £95.00
  • Harley St follow-up Consultation Fee £195.00
  • Repeat prescription admin fee £50.00

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