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Bladder pain

Bladder pain is a condition that can affect both men and women, with significant impact on everyday life. Bladder pain is usually felt in the centre of the pelvis or lower abdomen.

There are several different problems that can cause bladder pain.

The three most common are interstitial cystitis, urinary tract infection and bladder cancer. Pressure in the bladder can be felt prior to urination. However, some people experience this pressure all the time, feeling like an ache. This is not normally caused by interstitial cystitis and is sometimes simply referred to as bladder pain syndrome. It is vital therefore to obtain an accurate diagnosis of your bladder pain so that effective and safe treatment can be advised prescribed.

Treatment for bladder pain

It is important to have an accurate diagnosis for your bladder pain, prior to taking medication. Here are some of the possible medications that you might be advised to take, following a diagnosis:

  • Over-the-counter painkillers
  • Stronger, prescribed pain killers
  • Over-the-counter antihistamines

How can medical cannabis help with my bladder pain?

Medical cannabis can be offered to help our patients with bladder pain. Medical cannabis can help to manage pain symptoms and offer comfort and relief to the lives of those living with bladder pain. Cannabis medication can prevent the activation of your pain-sensing neurons, meaning that your nervous system will not detect the pain information from the bladder and is not allowed to enter your central nervous system, thus, your pain response is greatly reduced.

Am I suitable for medical cannabis to manage my bladder pain issues?

For many of our patients, medical cannabis offers welcome relief from their bladder pain. However, prior to a pain management plan being offered, we will ask that you attend a no obligation consultation and medical history check, so that we can provide a tailored care plan to suit your individual needs and requirements. We will ensure that you are given ongoing support and adjustments as necessary throughout your pain management with us here at Integro Medical Clinic, to ensure you receive the very best care possible and can live a normal, happy life, free from pain and discomfort.

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